About My Blog

Would you like to be entertained, surprised, or made to laugh??  Or read about all kinds of different things, some of it maybe a bit off the wall?  If so, please keep reading my blog.  Although it is primarily about writing (mine and others) and reading, posts could appear on it from a thousand or more different directions.

As I write this About Page, my blog is three posts old:  an introductory post, a book review, and an article about mental health.  I am now in the middle of composing my fourth post, something totally different which you will see shortly.  I know this blog is going to be fun for me, but I really want it to be fun, interesting, educational, and entertaining for you too!

I want to read your blogs too, link to them, and see what you are doing and thinking.


About Me

My name is Stephen King (hence my site address), but prefer to be called Steve.  I grew up in Hermosa Beach, Calif, about 25 miles southwest of Los Angeles—real surfer country.  I went to six different colleges but ended up with a BA from UCLA in psychology, and an MPA from California State University at Dominguez Hills in public administration.  During my college years, I was right there for the counterculture!

My main full-time careers were in aerospace and government (low-income housing).  I retired in 2011 and took a left turn and moved to the Philippines.  I now have all kinds of time to write, read, watch news/sports/movies, play the piano, walk the dogs, travel (going to Berlin, Finland, Milan, and Greece next month), and whatever else that comes up.  I do creative writing (eBooks, book reviews, screenplays), and more recently freelance writing (content/SEO stuff).  And now a blog.


Should anyone feel a need to contact me, my email is:  stking8920@gmail.com.


Take care and good reading!