Care to read a new eBook?

Would anyone be interested in reading one of my eBooks?   One is a children’s story, one is a multi-cultural drama, and one is a computer fantasy.  Reviews of them are available on Amazon and Goodreads.  See the following.

Steve King

Steve King
With a childhood grounded in the peaceful, predictable, family-centered, Eisenhower 1950’s, I was raised in the surfing environment of Hermosa Beach, California. I attended high school and college in the tumultuous 1960’s, finishing at UCLA. Those were defining years for my generation and I remember so much from that time—the idealism and the sense of possibility, the culture clashes, the movements, the demonstrations, the changes in lifestyle, new paradigms for looking at the world, and of course the music which included concerts that seemed to transcend.

Taking a sharp turn, I ended up working in aerospace for eighteen years and later the government (low-income housing) for another seventeen years. Currently, I am retired from full-time work and live in the Philippines. I love to travel and enjoy touring the US, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, and Asia. I have also had the experience of being a quiz show contestant and was background in a really mediocre Matthew Broderick movie.

I love good movies and documentaries but feel reading opens me up to an even wider range of human experience. I like to think that I am influenced by a whole range of authors, from skilled crafters of children’s stories, historical fiction by the likes of Michener and Vidal, Mailer, Updike, Nelson DeMille, Dickens and Jane Austen, extending out to the more esoteric fantasy writers like Philip K. Dick, Dan Simmons and my famous namesake, and everything in between. Nothing fascinates me more than the human mind and new and different ways of perceiving life and people. I look forward to getting to know other readers and writers.


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I was raised and educated in Southern California (BA from UCLA, MA from California State University) but now spend eight months of the year in the Philippines, the other four in Los Angeles. I am retired from full-time work and now have time to write fiction and non-fiction, book reviews, screenplays, and SEO/content articles. I also love reading, watching movies/sports/news, traveling, playing the piano, exercising, and walking the dogs. I hope to learn more about blogging and am really eager to meet the blogging community. I am sure this will be an adventure!

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