My name is Steve King and I am now launching my blog which I call “Writing, Reading, and More”.   I am a writer of eBooks (fiction and non-fiction), book reviews, screenplays, and SEO/content articles.  I will be displaying some of this on my blog.  I am also very interested in other persons’ writings so welcome the chance to showcase their works here.  The “More” in the site title I am leaving wide open.  I am interested in many aspects of life, the usual and the unusual, and look forward to sharing them with you.  The only limitation for this blog is my presenting something boring which I promise never to do consciously.

I am also very excited about connecting with the blogging community!  I am eager to read your posts, leaving appropriate comments, and to follow your blogs.  Guest posters on my blog are not only welcome but encouraged.  I know this will be a very interesting journey and I am really curious to see where it will lead.  So here goes…..